Orgill Spring Show 2021

 The Bug Ball North America's Most Effective Biting Fly Trap.
  • Mimics food source that the biting flies are attracted to 
    • Biting flies have thermal vision which is why they think the Bug Ball is a food source
  • The circular design allows for maximum surface area usage (1017 square inches of surface area) and allows the ball to move to mimic movement from animals
  • Heavy-Duty Black PVC for class leading durability
    • Weather-Resistant 
    • Molded loop for easy use.


        When Customers Will Need To Buy
This map shows from the data we have collected here at Bug Ball when customers will be needing to deploy there Bug Ball kits. 
The Gnat Ball

 Using the same technology behind the Bug Ball, The Gnat Ball was design to catching and eliminating gnats, no-see-ums, and whiteflies.
  • The attractant comes from the yellow color of the ball that attracts the gnats.
Specials For 2021 Orgill Spring Show
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