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About Bug Ball



In 2017 the Bug Ball was invented out of necessity. Like all of us, we hated being bit by yellow flies or any biting flies for that matter. We noticed that yellow flies, horse flies, and deer flies were all attracted to black. With Austin Jones the owner, being in the sport ball industry we had the resource to be able to quickly manufacturer the Bug Ball. We designed the Bug Ball to be durable, weather resistant, and added a molded loop to be able to attach rope or a shepherds hook with ease. The Bug Ball is an effective and easy to use product. Also with the Bug Ball there is no need to be concerned when your family and pets are around. It is an environmentally green and odorless trap. There is NO pesticides or electricity needed. 


- In 2018, We were 1 of 75 companies selected to participate in the Ace Hardware corporate event Market to Market. 

- In 2019, The Bug Ball became a warehouse item in Orgill, Inc. - the large hardware distributor in the United States. 

- In 2020, we have sold over 50,000 Bug Balls and are in retail stores nationwide!