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Deer Fly Ball 3 Pack Deluxe Kit Complete

  • Kit includes: (3) Deer Fly Balls made from heavy duty weather resistant blue PVC, (1) 10 ounce spray on can of Tangle-Trap, (3) Inflation needle, (3) 12-foot long X 1/8-inch-thick black polyester rope, and (3) 4-inch “S” hooks
  • It takes 2-3 Deer Fly Balls to effectively cover 1 acre and eliminate Deer flies and more biting insects
  • Deer Fly Ball is designed to work with Tangle-Trap sticky coating (sold separately). Tangle-Trap is an odorless Eco-Friendly bug killer with NO pesticides or electricity needed to kill those irritating biting insects. Safe to use around children and pets
  • Deer Fly Ball works great in greenhouses, pool areas, backyards, gardens, animal stables or shelters, orchards, barns, cabins, and many more places
  • Deer Fly Bug Ball has a loop molded onto the top that enables it to be hung from a tree or pole with a rope, or a shepherd’s hook. It is most effective to have the ball approximately 4-5 ft off the ground

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