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Gnat Ball Starter kit

The Bug Ball is designed to catch Gnats, No-see-ums, Love Bugs, and many more Flies. These flies are attracted to shiny yellow moving objects. The Gnat ball is great to have around pools, backyards, beach homes, marshes, and barns. If no activity tries to place the Gnat ball in different places. Some places work better than others and each yard is different. Assembly instruction: Step 1. Using an air pump and the inflation needles included you will need to inflate the Gnat Ball to 12 inches. Step 2. Using the fishing line hang the ball(from the tab) to a post or tree limb about 4-5 feet off the ground in the sunny place next to a shaded area (the black ball will produce heat that the flies are attracted to) Step 3. Then apply the tanglefoot thoroughly all over the Gnat Ball. NOW YOU HAVE A GIANT FLY TRAP!

  • Gnat Ball - is the world's best fly trap on the market to eliminate Gnats, No-see-ums, Love Bugs, and many other Pesky flies!
  • 2 Gnat Balls (12in heavy-duty yellow PVC ball), 1 - 8oz can of Tanglefoot - Tangle-trap, and 2 - inflation needles
  • Weather-resistant fly trap
  • Eco-Friendly - No pesticides or electricity
  • Easy setup - covers over 1/2 acre of land